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Zack Steam

Speaking the truth of his lonely and broken heart, Latin rapper Zack Steam released his first song "Someone new" with the Pop Star Kate Red in February 2022. His First album "Astronaut Emotions" it's on the verge of getting released. It contains songs as "Sorry I won't", "Orange and wine", "No one's gonna fly", "High as a rocket" and many others. His lyrics speak of the heart feeling of living a life of a misfit, a rejected and a fighter but also speak how a heart feels when someone breaks your heart.
Stay tuned for Astronaut Emotions!
Stay tuned for more Zack Steam!

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Kate Red

Hi, I am Kate Red, a latin girl living in Guatemala, I have always dreamed to write and compose songs and finally I did it. This is my biggest dream and I will start these adventure with my album Suffocate, it includes songs like "Like U usted to", "Ruin our love","Don't let me hate u", and many others. I don't know what is coming, but whatever comes, I will take it!

Follow me for more, with love Kate <3

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