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Kate Red

Hi, I am Kate Red, a latin girl living in Guatemala, I have always dreamed to write and compose songs and finally I did it. This is my biggest dream and I will start these adventure with my album Suffocate, it includes songs like "Like U usted to", "Ruin our love","Don't let me hate u", and others.

Most recently I released "Someone New" with an incredible artist "Zack Steam"

I don't know what is coming, but whatever comes, I will take it!

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Kate Red was born in Guatemala City, she recently debuted with her first song called "Someone New '', it has had continuous support from College Station in the US, such as Eagle Air, Kutztown stations, WKNC and many more. In Europe and Japan many radios and blogs have supported her music, such as The Ground Blog. 

She was born in a chirstian family and  she grew up watching performances at the church. Eventually she decided to be an artist. She liked the idea of being able to sing and enjoy a stage together with a group of people. 

When she was 7 years old, she heard her brother convincing her mom that they must learn an instrument. At that moment she felt joyful, because she was not the only one who wanted to know about music in her family. 

She studied at the National Conservatory of Music the courses of drums and piano. When she finished her studies, she performed in churches. But she always knew, she had to keep growing and not being steady in the same place. So one day, she told her brother her desire to make music and become an artist, her brother responded by saying: "if you want to make music look for programs", so Kate Red began looking for programs to make music and found a program on her brother's computer and began to write with the knowledge she had. 

Her brother fell in love with the whole process and they started working together, the name of their band was called "The RedSteam", but in the past few days, they realized that it was not a good idea, because neither wanted to be the shadow of the other. 

So,  they reached the agreement that the written songs would be divided, and they would support each other. 



I learned to play drums when I was 10 years old.

Kate Red

I am studying to be a psychologist.

Kate Red


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